Tyga x Molly

As you know, Tyga is currently wrapped up in a scandal over DMing and texting a 14-year-old girl. The girl, Molly O’Malia, had previously leaked Tyga’s DMs a month ago (or a friend did, according to her,) and they made their way to OK! Magazine – who certainly sensationalized the story. OK! alleged that the pair had hooked up, that Molly was pursuing Tyga and more, and famed lawyer Gloria Allred decided to sign on the case and rep Molly against the mag.

A press conference was held yesterday, where a tearful Molly said that Tyga relentlessly texted her and made her uncomfortable with his numerous attempts to FaceTime. There was no talk of a lawsuit against OK!, however, so the exact purpose of their press conference isn’t exactly clear. The magazine never said her name, so she could have remained anonymous. Tyga later responded, and said that yes, he did reach out – but it was simply to talk music.

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Now Molly has made another statement (this time via DM to IG blog Fameolous,) stating that “nothing sexual or flirty” was going on. If that was the case, then why the press conference, why the tears and why the scandal? I’m confused about this whole thing! Let us know your thoughts.

P.S. Looks like he found Molly!