Have no fear Jenny from the block is here, only this time she’s coming as cop. Being that Jennifer Lopez is an amazing actress this is the moment we have all been waiting for. She will be back on our T.V screens this week with the premiere of a new show on NBC, Shades of Blue. Watch the dramatic story unfold as she goes from bad cop, to informant after years of being a crooked cop for Ray Liotta.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez also known as J Lo, talked about her character’s role in the cop based show “Shades of Blue”, airing Thursday January 7th on NBC. Playing the role of Harlee Santos, she admits being “morally challenged in some way, riding both sides of the fence at all times”. Ray Liotta who plays her boss, seems to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Harlee is struggling between being a single mother trying to provide for her daughter, while being on a team of crooked cops. Dayo Okeniyi plays as her partner Michael Loman. Things make a turn when she decides to go against the grain and has no choice but to let the Feds in on some of their dirty little secrets.

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