Yet again, Tyga has found himself in some more trouble (as if he needed ANYMORE issues in his life).

He recently got busted texting a 14-year-old girl named Molly O’Malia, which was already pretty weird, but she then did the most yesterday and issued a statement about how she is so upset and so on.

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However according to Tyga, he has a perfectly valid explanation as to why he was sending the underage female texts. Tyga claims she has a really good voice and wants her on a track with him! They want to recruit O’Malia for a Last Kings Records project – which is Tyga’s record label. Tyga and his team are claiming there was no foul play involved and that it was strictly about business. He admits to FaceTiming her while being in the studio with his producers strictly to hear her sing.

Hmmmmmm, are we believing this #ORNAH?

T-Raww’s track record already isn’t too great when it comes to underage females, so who really knows with this situation.