IFWT_Cromartie family

The New York Jets devastating loss to the Buffalo Bills cost them the playoffs and left Jets fans understandably upset.  Well they’re not as mad as cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s wife Terricka.  She has a different reason to be mad though.

 Terricka Cason poured out her emotions about the Jets blowing their shot at the playoffs, and she is pissed, like most Jets faithful. It’s just that Mrs. Cro has a much different reason for her anger.

Just watch the clip, it’s painful and hysterical at the same time but as Terricka puts it, “My husband is going to be home every damn day. I’m going to have to get up every damn day, act like I’m doing something.”

That’s just a taste. Her rant is priceless.

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source: TMZ Sports