50 Cent told fans they could expect a follow up to his latest project, ‘The Kanan Tape’. It now appears he’s coming through after the G-Unit boss, posted Sunday, what appeared to be the cover art for the ‘Kanan Reloaded’ mixtape, with the caption, “KANAN RELOADED, COMING SOON.”

The buzz for the forthcoming tape, was dull and 50 cent did not take that lightly. Tuesday, 50 posted about the project again this time with a caption that caught fans attention.

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In another Instagram post featuring the cover art for ‘Kanan Reloaded’, 50 Cent wrote;

“I guess people don’t like my show, it’s to real maybe. Well who cares, I’ll make it so big that no one cares about awards anymore. Hell I can give my self a damn trophy tomorrow. KANAN I’m shooting everybody fuck it.”

So far no word on exactly when the follow up tape will be released, but we’ll keep you posted.

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