Like it, Love it, or Hate it all together; August Alsina could care less about what anyone has to say about his fashion sense. As far as his his style choices, there are no limitations.

“I literally don’t [care]. I do whatever I want to do,” he explains to VIBE during a recent trip to New York City. “That’s why I was saying, there’s people that talk about me and that’s fine. I guess you have to give people something to talk about.”

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AA on silencing the negative comments:

They talk about something one minute and the next they’re on it. Now, it’s like they want to be like a n***a. But it’s so crazy because they have so much to say about me. I hear the most outrageous things about myself: I wear makeup, I wear lipgloss, I wear weave. When I pressed my hair, that’s when folks thought that I had a weave. It’s never that serious, ever. It’s just the weirdest sh*t. Listen, I’m telling you, people say that sh*t. I’m a man bruh, don’t disrespect me. But at the same time you do have n****s out here getting weaves. Fetty Wap got f***ing weave dreads in his head. If that’s your prerogative cool, but miss me with that.

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