Paying off his child’s mother, Taqoya Branscomb, was one of the worst things Mathew Knowles could have done in the eyes of a Houston judge. Knowles paid Branscomb $225,000 to keep their daughter, Koi, a secret; Knowles was still married to Tina Knowles at the time. However, due to the silent-not so much any more-exchange, the judge ordered the daddy to pay up $70,822 in back child support.

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As if $70K is not enough, the child support ruling adds $1,496 for monthly payments.

“Mr. Knowles knew of his paternity in September 2009 and clearly sought to avoid the establishment of a support obligation based primarily on the tolling agreement and the payment of monies pursuant to said agreement, which the court can only reasonably conclude was hush money,” Judge David D. Farr wrote as part of his ruling in Harris County District Court.

I will tell you this much, his daughter is gorgeous. Check out the smile in the gallery at the top.