When Yo Gotti said he has a crush on Angela in “Down In The DMs,” he really must have meant it! Luckily for him, I think she might have a tiny something something for the rapper, as well.

Angela recently stopped by the “Don’t Be Scared” office where she chopped it up about a bunch of things including her new reality TV show, people name dropping her and her sister in songs and her little “thing” she has going on with Yo Gotti.

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“They were really nice flowers,” she said about him sending her a bouquet during her faux fur launch. “I’m flattered. He’s really nice, that’s awesome.”

The two were spotted out together recently, which makes us wonder if there is something more going on behind the scenes.

Hmmmmm…. I bet these two will end up dating if they aren’t already doing so!

Source: BO