LeBron James Kayne Cover pic

On New Year’s Eve Kanye West released his controversial song “Facts”.  In the song he celebrates the success of his Yeezy Boost line with Adidas and throws several jabs at Nike.  As you know, LeBron James signed a lifetime deal with Nike so he was included in the song.  Many made it seem like the lyrics were dissing James too and LeBron was even asked about it and said he would always side with Nike.  Kanye however says there’s no ill will towards James.

The lyric is:

“Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves // Gave LeBron a billi’ not to run away.”

Kanye took to his Twitter account and cleared it up noting that LeBron is fam.

The lyric isn’t dissing LeBron at all, it’s taking a shot at Nike noting how much they had to pay to keep the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

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