John Singleton’s son Maasai Singleton has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for his final semester of college at the University of Southern California after his dad told him he wouldn’t be paying for it. Since the college school year is right in the middle, it is too late for him to receive financial aid and he says he has no credit to take out loans. With just a few weeks until his semester is to begin the young director (just like his dad) decided to post an update to ask for more donations. Maasai Singleton has to raise at least $6k to remain enrolled.

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Nae Bella | Twitter

Singleton originally asked the public to help him raise the full $30,000 to cover his final semester of college at USC, but after raising only $1,436 in nearly one month he has provided an update stating that he will only need six-thousand to be eligible to enroll this upcoming semester and get on a payment plan for the remainder.

Hey friends,

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. After the lag at the financial aid office and being denied by SallieMae for student loans (I’ve never borrowed anything, so I have no credit) it’s become increasingly clear that the only way I’m going to be able to graduate is if this gofundme campaign is a success.

I’m not calling on people who’ve already donated to give more. I don’t want to be a burden to anybody and I know that if more people just gave a little bit, (like a happy meal’s worth) our small efforts would add up to success.
Hopefully we can get this social media thing to work for us and spread awareness because I’m in a situation that can only be settled through community effort. Tuition is a day past due but if we reach the $6,000 mark soon, I can set up a payment plan and still go to school.

Happy New Year!

-Maasai Singleton

It would be really sad if this eloquent and passionate student couldn’t finish his final semester of college due to having a rich and possibly irresponsible parent. Why wasn’t a college fund started to avoid this? Where are the rich friends and peers of his parents who can make this problem go away much quicker than this fundraiser? It’s just weird that he has no way to receive financial support to complete such an important milestone, when his dad is a such a well-known director.

If you’re interested in helping this young brother out, donate here!