Mike Will is not only one of the biggest producers in hip-hop, he’s one of the biggest producers in music! The Atlanta producer is preparing to release a sequel to to his debut project Ransom. Hit the jump for more.

Sommo: Twitter || Instagram

Mike Will took to Instagram today to announce the project is coming. With a picture of him in the studio, the caption of the post read, “Mixing & Mastering #Ransom2 1/3/2016.” He then posted up another similar photo with the caption, “#Ransom2 1/??/2016.”

With him mixing and mastering the project, that means Ransom 2 will be coming very soon. The project most likely will be available this month, due to the second photo’s caption. Ransom 2 is great news, but Mike Will, when is Ape Shit dropping!?

Hit the gallery to view the Instagram post.