Bobby Shmurda

It seems like Bobby Shmurda may have a Making A Murderer situation on his hands (except this would be Making A Drug Dealer.) The “Hot N*gga” rapper’s lawyer is alleging that his client’s arresting officers had a personal vendetta against him, and even have a history of misconduct with him, having “repeatedly” stopped and frisked him in the years leading up to his arrest.

Alex Spiro said two Brooklyn detectives targeted Shmurda with at least three stop and frisks, which turned up nothing. These same detectives, he says, have been sued in federal court for planting evidence, false arrest and violating arrestee’s fourth amendment rights, and now Spiro wants the prosecution to hand over police records related to the stops.

“A couple of detectives involved in this case have significant credibility issues,” Spiro said Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I learned these same detectives have been stopping my client for years. Each one of those stop and frisk reports have to be turned over before this case proceeds. It is our position by stopping him and frisking him, and not finding contraband, that absence of evidence is evidence,” Spiro said. He feels that the cops dropped the crack cocaine that was found in a car connected to the GS9 crew.

“I want them to start treating him like Ackquille Pollard, not Bobby Shmurda,” the rapper’s mother said. “If he was being treated as Ackquille Pollard, he wouldn’t have a $2 million bail.”

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