While Iggy Azalea has been a controversial name for about a year, she has been doing great with running under the radar; that is until a recently uploaded single on her Soundcloud account.

The female rapper (lol) posted “Azillion,” and listeners of the track heard Iggy say the n-word, which started a Twitter slander.

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According to listeners of “Azillion,” Iggy spit ‘From December to the motherf**king Nigguary/Body bags putting covers in the cemetery.’ Iggy Iggs, however, says that they have it wrong. She takes to Twitter to clarify the actual lyrics.

“The lyric is Igguary AKA a january full of new iggy stuff. Very blessed month for azaleans. lol.”

Listen to “Azillion” below, and let me know what you think.

#IJS: It does sound a little Nigguary-ish-I found myself laughing when I heard the lyric-but let’s not make this nothing into something. Stop coming for Iggy, people.

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