Beyonce x Rihanna

L.A. Reid revealed in his memoir that he didn’t have too much faith in Rihanna when she first hit the scene, but things changed when Beyonce stepped in a called her a “beast.” Clearly, Beyonce’s opinion helped RiRi out at the time because she’s now an international superstar. Recently, TMZ photogs caught up with Rihanna at LAX and asked about Ried’s statement saying, “Would you ever do a song with Beyonce?”

Check out what she had to say below.

ARiiE:Twitter | Instagram

Yikes, Rihanna’s response doesn’t seem too promising, but we can never say never. If you recall, rumors have circulated in the past that Queen Bey and Rihanna have some bad blood between them over Jay-Z.

What do you think, will we ever see a Rihanna and Beyonce collab? Sound off below.