Last night, Wiz Khalifa attended the Golden Globes for his nomination for “Best Original Song in a Motion Picture” for his Paul Walker tribute record, “See You Again,” that appeared on the “Furious 7” soundtrack. He opened up about the nomination saying, “Stuff like this, the Golden Globes and just new opportunities, are gonna open up it up for me and the gang this whole year.” Although, Khalifa did not take home the win, he did have some exciting news for E! news host Guiliana Rancic about his upcoming album, ‘Khalifa.’

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In a quick interview, Wiz dished to E!

“I got a new album on the way. It’s coming out January 22, I came off of two really successful tours this year, so we’re gearing up for some more tours now.”

The rapper previously told fans the can expect ‘Khalifa’ to feature “unreleased music that nobody’s ever heard before.”