We’ve been waiting to see what will happen as the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders were all bidding to move to LA.  Well the NFL owners meeting concluded and with a 30-2 vote, the Rams are officially heading back to LA and the Chargers have until January 16, 2017 to come up with a lease agreement to join them.  If the Chargers decline, the Oakland Raiders, another former L.A. tenant, can link up with the Rams.

The Rams will begin play in Los Angeles in the 2016 season but will not be moved into their new Inglewood home until the 2019 season.

Both the Chargers and Raiders will get an extra $100 million for stadiums that will allow them to permanently stay in their current markets.  That sounds like a lot of money but stadiums cost over $1 billion so that’s basically peanuts.

The ball is basically in the Chargers court.

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source: ESPN