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Pharrell currently has a show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio called OTHERtone, and his former business partners aren’t happy about it. Uncommon Content Partners worked with Pharrell on his ARTST TLK show on his iamOTHER YouTube channel, and they are claiming that per their contract, he is in violation by doing OTHERtone.

In their new lawsuit, Uncommon Content Partners say that Pharrell didn’t film a second season of ARTST TLK because he said he was “too busy” with The Voice, but they believe that was BS because The Voice shouldn’t take up ALL his time. Things started getting strained for there, they say, and went downhill when Pharrell provided his hosting services to another show (OTHERtone.) They say he didn’t tell them about the show or use their production services, and that’s not okay.

For his part, Pharrell says there was a provision in the contract that allowed him not to do a second season of ARTST TLK if a schedule was not mutually agreed upon, and it wasn’t. He is asking the courts to throw out the suit and allow OTHERtone to continue.

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