IFWT_Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers
I am SO proud to post this 1st TV episode of “Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers” since she is like family to us at IFWT! Lisa started on the radio quite some time ago(I used to be the engineer for the radio show many moons ago), but to transition to TV is incredible!! Lisa Evers gets to the bottom of big topics that affect not just the Hip Hop community but really the world!!

Tat Wza

So on this inaugural episode of Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers the infamous ‘N-Word’ in Hip Hop is being tackled, and it’s a doozy!! Every argument you could think about for the ‘N-Word’, it’s covered in this episode! Watch Lisa, and her guest, Papoose, J-Love, and Dr. Chris Emdin(creator of HipHopEd) discuss;

On a side note, why is homie sitting so close to Lisa on her show, I know that studio, he doesn’t have to sit that close #ThirstyMuch ??