DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled might need to add not posting his credit card via social media into his list of keys of success.

The We The Best mogul has been snapping his life away as of late and unfortunately for him, he made a big mistake. In one of his snaps, his American Express Black Card was visible. In just 30 seconds after posting, he lost over $80K from people using his card to make purchases. Scam Game MEAN *Flex Voice*

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Let us hope and pray that Khaled decided to cancel his card because if not… well… I have some student loans to pay off (just saying).. LOL. He’s currently arguing with Snapchat to get the user information of everyone who viewed his snaps.

In the wise words of DJ Khaled, “People who bought something with my card. All purchases are trackable and you will be arrested. Congratulations, you played yourself.”