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Mark Cuban says neither Khloe Kardashian nor Lamar Odom ever reported any sort of racist incidents to the team during Odom’s stint with the Mavericks despite Khloe’s claims that she encountered racism in Dallas with people berating her for being in an interracial marriage.

Kardashian went on “The Howard Stern Show” this week and said she was targeted by racism in Dallas in 2011, saying people called her a “N***er lover,” vandalized her car and referred to Lamar as “Boy.”

Mark says he’s not calling BS on Khloe’s story but says, “Anytime I talked to her I asked how things were going, and did she need anything. Never a word. Not from Lamar or anyone.”

“We would text about trying to help Lamar and not a word. I obviously don’t know what she encountered, but I can say that it’s not something she ever mentioned to me or anyone in our organization.”

He added, “We had a psychologist working with Lamar and put together support programs for him. It never came up. I like Khloe. I’m not questioning her, but she never said anything to us.”

Khloe has been revealing a lot lately as she does promo for her new show “Kocktails With Khloe”.  I’m not saying she’s lying about stuff but she sure is drumming up a lot of talking points.

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source: TMZ Sports