IFWT_Brooklyn Gang Rape

In Brooklyn last week five teens were accused of raping a 18year old woman at gunpoint at Osborn Playground in Brownsville. The suspects have been released after the District Attorney’s Office failed to meet their Friday deadline to secure indictments. One of the teens is being held on previous charges of assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, along with failing to attend a court appointed alternative incarceration program for young offenders. Check out the rest of the stories after the jump.

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Prosecutors will use the next 180 days to build a case, and Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson spoke about the release of the teens. It was explained that investigators are determined to get the truth about what happened in the park that night. They are gathering more evidence to build a case.

According to New York Daily News, one piece of evidence is being reviewed by detectives. It is a 10-second cell phone video taken by one of the teens and it allegedly shows the victim smiling with no pants on. It has been revealed that neither the father or daughter could pic any of the teens from a lineup.

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Source: Vlad TV