According to the World Health Organization, Ebola has made a come back in Sierra Leone. Mariatu Jalloh, a 22-year old native of Sierra Leone has tested positive for Ebola. The disease had disappeared for two years and is suddenly showing up once again.

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Suprisignly, the doctors did not draw her symptoms to the epidemic. Im assuming because they figured it was in the clear. The virus travels through blood and bodily fluids. About 27 people were put at risk after having symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. The World Health Organization required a 42-day period with no new diagnostics in order to declare a “region disease-ridden.” Sierra Leone did past the test about three months ago. They then went through a 90-day period of “enhanced surveillance.” According to the World Health Organization, survivors of the virus can still spread it.

The organizations representative, Dr. Bruce Aylward, says

“We are now at a critical period in the Ebola epidemic as we move from managing cases and patients to managing the residual risk of new infection.”

The organization says they also doubt there will be another huge outbreak like before.

Source: Vibe