After it came out that Meek might have taken shots at 50 on one of his new records, Fif was on stage(I think in Sweden) and decided to speak on the Meek/Drake beef and how good Drizzy got Meek with the ‘shout to all my boss bi**hes’ line. He goes on to say no one knows the name of any Meek Mill song even though many in the crowd were screaming out the name ?.

Tat Wza; IG | Twitter

Now we know Fif don’t really have an issue with Meek, nor does Meek have an issue with Fif, it’s all because Fifty and Ross are beefing and in Hip Hop crews stick up for each other, but of course lines will be crossed and this may turn into a full on crew Vs. crew may pop off, which we haven’t seen since Rocabella Vs The Lox ?.

Although it doesn’t seem as though Banks and Yayo really want anything to do with this beef, let’s see how it plays out.