35-year-old Katie Williams from London used to be a very big girl. However, the woman lost 140 pounds and decided to break up with her husband to get with a man 12 years younger than her! Hit the jump for more.

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Katie claims his husband wasn’t treating her right after she lost all the weight.

He noticed that men were looking at me. And I kind of started becoming more of his possession than his wife. He couldn’t stand my new confidence and would bring me down with cruel comment.

I definitely think my marriage ended because of my weight loss, but I’m happier than I have been in years and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The couple was together for 20 years! She broke up with her husband and found love with a 23-year-old named Jack King.

Jack makes me feel really sexy and he compliments me constantly. He loves every part of me, even the parts that I still hate and I’m very self-conscious about.

You can watch the full interview with Katie below.