Potty mouth. This is just childish and a waste of time and money, but a woman is facing up to year in jail because of tagging an ex in-law of hers on Facebook and making a sly comment. Hit the jump.


So, a New York woman is facing a year in jail for violating an order of protection which involves her former sister-in-law, all because the violator linked the woman in a Facebook post and hurt her feelings, calling her “stupid.” Yea.

Maria Gonzalez has tried to argue that the protection order “did not specifically prohibit from Facebook communication” with her former sister-in-law, Maribel Calderon.

BUT, Westchester County Supreme Court’s Justice Susan Capeci disagreed with Gonzalez stating, “The order of protection prohibited the defendant from contacting the protected party by electronic or any other means.” Wam.

All of this is stemming from a divorce from Maribel Calderon’s brother, Rafael Calderon. But, a manhattan matrimonial attorney who is not part of this case, Michael Stutman ruled that:

“Everything you post anywhere can possibly be used against you.”

After Gonzalez made the “stupid” comment, she posted once again saying “you and your family are sad :(“.

Gonzalez’ attorney, Kim Frohlinger, said they will not appeal the ruling.

Words hurt.