Yeah…this really happened. This guy must have been really feelin’ himself for pulling a move like that, especially with all the police brutality running rampid. But nonetheless, this is funny…not so much for the arrestee lol. Hit the jump.


Volvique Louis Jean Jr. was intially pulled over back in October of last year at a high school in Del Ray Beach, Florida. According to sources, he was driving extremely recklessly, speeding through the school’s school bus loop, just barely missing students exiting a bus.

When police pulled him over, he handed his mixtape instead of his driver’s license as a distraction, to pull away – which he did successfully. Until now.

The policeman couldn’t keep up because he was on a golf cart on school grounds and Jean got away. According to the police reports, 18-year old Volvique Jean almost hit more students on his flee.

After 3 months of searching, Jean was finally caught and arrested on charges of fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and trespassing on school grounds.

Poor guy…he won’t even get any press out of this for his mixtape because the local newspaper that reported the incident didn’t mention the title of his mixtape :/. Better luck next flee.