Future released his latest mixtape Purple Reign just hours before the Seattle Seahawks played the Carolina Panthers.  It gave his fans and supporters a new emoji to terrorize his ex-fiancée and baby mother Ciara and her new boyfriend, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.  People began to litter the couples pages with the purple umbrella with rain emoji in addition to the grapes emojis they used before; both of which symbolize Future and his music.  To make matters worse, the Seahawks lost to the Panthers, kicking up the jokes a notch.  Well Ciara was apparently unbothered and her and her beau actually found it funny.

“Ciara and Russell actually thought all of the Purple Reign comments and emojis were funny. It really didn’t faze the two of them at all,” a source tells E! News. “Ciara is in the best place in her life now and has no energy or focus on Future. Her only focus is on baby Future and Russell. She knows fans will be fans and stuff like that is expected.”

“She has always thought Future was an extremely talented artist,” the source says. “She won’t knock him ever on his craft because she is way too mature for that.”

“Things with Russell and Ciara are amazing,” a source says of the two, who began dating last April. “It was so cute having baby Future see Russell play football this season. Russell loves baby Future and it means the world to Ciara! Baby Future is a little Seahawks fan in the making!”

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