The legendary Bomb shell, Dolly Parton celebrates her 70th Birthday today and still radiates with good energy and beauty. Known for her big blonde hair and her impeccable voice Dolly, is and will forever be one of the greatest of all time. The Tennessee native was the 4th of 12 siblings, and not only did she become a famous country singer she grew up to have her own Theme Park.

Her beauty will forever shine bright and at 70 years old she looks amazing. The godmother to Miley Cyrus got her angelic voice and passion for music from her mother. Inducted into the Country Music Hall of fame in 2006 the singer/actress has won a number of Grammy’s over the years. Just last month the icon donated 75,000,000 books to children.

In 1986 she opened her very own theme park named Dolly Wood which actually featured the original home her and her family grew up in. Dolly has only had eyes for one man since the age of 18! She married her long time sweetheart Carl Dean in 1966 and they are very much still happily in love. Happy Birthday Dolly Parton.

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