About a year ago, before we even got a title for Rihanna’s eighth studio album but were anticipating it just as much as we are now, it was reported that Kanye West would be executive-producing the project. The pair had just put out “FourFiveSeconds” together with Paul McCartney, a track that was set to live on ANTI, and Kanye revealed that had sparked the decision for him to oversee the project as whole. Unfortunately, that has changed.

The underwhelming reception of not only “FourFiveSeconds” but of its follow-ups “American Oxygen” and BBHMM,” reportedly caused Rihanna to go in a totally different direction for the album, which clearly has caused some hold-ups in its release. Perhaps because they realized what they were doing wasn’t working, or perhaps because the delay interrupted Kanye’s current plans for his own album, they’ve nixed the executive-production idea all together.

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“FYI Kanye is not EPing Anti!!!” Rihanna said in a DM to a fan today. “We’re both working on our own projects right now! [sunglasses emoji]”

Welp, there’s that. We know SWISH is coming February 11…but can we get a release date on ANTI already?!

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