IFWT_iPhone 7 Concept
In reality, all concept phones are the best ever at that time because ‘they'(?) usually take the best of overall current technology and pack it into a phone. Here’s the thing, it’s practically improbable to be able to scale down technology that was just developed not too long ago…BUT this iPhone 7 Concept kinda takes all the current mobile technology and packs it into a phone, which kinda is probable ?.

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Of course we would LOVE this phone, but any concept phone I’ve ever posted I’ve told you, Apple Don’t Do Concept! None the less, this is a beautiful phone, edge to edge display, virtual home button(yes that means NO actual button), which means this faux iOS 10 is the real concept, leaving the only hardware to be the actual screen size, OLED, the processors to run this new iOS, and the haptic touch chips or whateva, but not too much else(besides every other thing that phones need and already have, batteries and such).

I’m sure a lot of you would love that extra dock feature, but I think that ‘Home Button’ is the deal, launch Apps from there disappear when not in use(watching movies/videos on that), and scrolling gestures…man listen. That double tap to turn the phone off if going to cause a lot of problems, couples arguing, business lost, food deliveries missed…damn pockets man ?.