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There’s been a lot of rumors going around Tyga’s name as of late, from texting an underage girl to cheating on Kylie with a transgender, leaving Young Money and more. Stopping by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 for the first time to promote his new single “Baller Alert,” T-Raww opened up about it all with host Jazzy McBee.

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After revealing he was in the studio with Lil Wayne just a month ago, Tyga then discussed his thoughts on the Birdman/Wayne situation:

“Wayne is family. When you got history with somebody, you’re always gonna go back to that. You might have to break away from somebody for a minute, but you know, you got history. It’s there. Yeah, that’s like with any family. That’s like any person that you got love for. You go through what you go through, then you make it work.”

On texting the 14-year-old:

“You on social media – a lot of people is models, a lot of people are singers, there are artists tryna get discovered. So when I hit her up and asked her to send me music, that’s why I put the text out. You know. my intentions – I ain’t have nothing to hide. It was just kind of crazy, whoever tried to flip that situation. Magazines and all, it was like damn! You can’t even talk to a person or give a person a break or nothing.”

On the transgender scandal:

“It’s just some stuff that’s like, ‘Y’all believe everything? Y’all believe that?’ I be like, ‘Damn. Who’s making this sh*t up? Somebody’s really got something against me up top somewhere.'”

On if he’s still with Kylie:

“We good, whether we together or not. That’s always gonna be family.”

He also spoke on Blac Chyna, how he deals with criticism, his new mixtape and more. Check it out in full below.