Lawrence Phillips was most likely going to spend the rest of his life behind bars after already being convicted of serious crimes and then being charged with the murder of his cell mate. He had steadily denied any involved in his cell mates death and even recently according to his lawyer and family he seemed to be in good spirits. So why would Phillips suddenly take his own life last week. Was if the fact he didn’t want to spend the rest of his years rotting away in prison? His lawyer and family were already calling b.s. on the report from the prison but now they are taking it further, saying the suicide note Phillips allegedly left behind is fake.


Phillips’ attorneys say the key to the case could be the handwriting in the note found in Phillips’ sock on the day of his death.

Lawrence’s lawyer paraphrased the letter to USA Today Sports:

“Did you hear the one about the football player who hung himself from the TV mount in his cell?” the letter read.

The lawyer explained, “And where it said football player, it looked like somebody after the fact put the letter ‘X’ before ‘football,’ so it said ‘X-football player.'”

Phillips had hand penned dozens of letters during his time behind bars and he definitely had a distinct style to his handwriting.

Lawrence’s attorney says the ex-NFL star’s family is now in the process of hiring an independent investigator to look into Phillips’ death, believing he may have been murdered.

So, who could have killed him? Phillips’ attorney didn’t accuse anyone but said he believes Lawrence had been targeted by Crips gang members inside the prison in the months before his death.

Phillips had also been complaining about staff at the prison messing with him as well over the past couple months.