Now that’s using your head. Jamie Keeton has become a global sensation after discovering that his head can be used as a magnet…taking him all over the world to perform, even China to set a world record. Hit the jump for the full story.


Illinois’ own Jamie Keeton doesn’t know how cans or bottles or glass or anything else for that matter are able to stick to his head. Neither do doctors, but they do have an idea.

Doctors say Jamie has an unusually high body temperature of about 100 degrees, which leads them to believe that his hot pores act as suction cups to whatever comes in contact with the skin of his head or face.

Keeton, who goes by the stage name of “Can Head”, has been able to make a living off his unique ability as well.

“I went to a doctor one day, and he said ‘How do you do that?’ and I said, you tell me. There are two other people that have sort of had this condition, they’re both in India. Doctors told me I’m the only case in the United States.”

When Keeton first found out about his special ability, it was due to him shaving his head bald for the first time 23 years ago in 1993.

“I was at a ball game. I was trying to cool my head down because it was a hot day. And all of a sudden they hit a home run. I went up to grab it… I missed it, and then said, ‘Where’s my drink?’ Everybody was laughing… The drink was stuck to the back of my head. The drink was pouring out of it.”

Various items can stick to his skin including cell phones, jars of peanuts, water bottles, cans and even glass.

“A lot of people try and tell me it’s all magnets. I can stick aluminum glass and plastic to myself to prove it’s not magnetism.”

Can Head reveals when he first discovered his powers, he was reluctant to tell anybody because of society’s outcasting. But in 2016, he doesn’t care even a little bit because he’s making big bucks off of his head.

Keeton tells WLS-TV:

“I actually promote people’s companies all the time. Different companies just to wear their name on my cans or on a shirt.”

Check out his video below!