Johnny Manziel has been treated like crap by the media and other wanna be judges for the way he conducts himself off the field. Truth is he really hasn’t gotten himself involved in anything crazy and he is no different than most guys in their young 20’s, with the exception he has more money and a higher profile. He checked himself into rehab when he felt things may be getting out of control and other than the fact he occasionally likes to enjoy his free time with friends at clubs and parties, he doesn’t do much. Even still, the Browns have appeared to have been fed up with Johnny for a while now and he just might be using that to his advantage.


It’s pretty clear at this point the relationship between the Browns & Johnny is going downhill. They are tired of him partying and in their eyes, not taking his position within the NFL serious enough. That last part really isn’t true though. Players can love the game but love having a social life away from it as well.

There have been rumors brewing that Johnny’s partying is gonna get him let go from the Browns and maybe, just maybe, that is what he is going for. The appearances at parties have kicked up a notch over the past few weeks for him, including one night of partying where he was supposed to go see the team doctor in the morning and he was a no-show.

There is no real benefit for Manziel to stay in Cleveland. They don’t see him as a future franchise quarterback and they want to nitpick everything he does off the field, even if hundreds of other players do the same thing in their free time. At this point he may be going out of his way to get the Browns to release him so he can play elsewhere with an actual chance to win games. The other night he was partying in Dallas with Chandler Parsons and some other players from the Mavericks. Nothing crazy was going down but it was another example of Johnny doing exactly what the Browns do not want him doing.