The firing of David Blatt caught everyone off guard yesterday. That is everyone except some people within the organization who apparently have been planning for it. Lebron continues to deny he had any involvement and you can believe that if you want but fact is seeing a coach of a first place team get fired will never make sense. That was not lost on Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy, who did not hold back when speaking of the situation.


Answering questions from the media about Blatt getting canned, Van Gundy went for it:

“That elevated all of the coach firings totally into the theater of the absurd.

“You can’t even make a flimsy case that the guy wasn’t meeting expectations…Obviously you have something else going on.

“Did he order the wrong type of food for post game meals? Did he not give David Griffin a nice enough Christmas present? I don’t know.

“If David Blatt’s getting fired how in the hell do the rest of us have jobs? Because our front offices aren’t quite as crazy as theirs.

“The only thing more absurd would be…Walton did a good job, if we lose 2 in a row, we might have to dump [Kerr] & go back to Luke.”

Van Gundy is 100% correct about this. Whether Lebron was personally involved really doesn’t matter. This move was made to cater to him and his desires for what the team should be. Owner Dan Gilbert and the GM now have put immense pressure on themselves because if the Cavs don’t win the title this year (which they likely won’t) then you can’t blame Blatt for a failure. What will they do then?