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The wait is over! Toni Braxton’s highly anticipated biopic has arrived and it makes its big premiere tonight! Ms. Braxton recently opened up about the creation of this film and talks about all the things that she learned from the biopic after it came to life!

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Toni Braxton recently spoke to Abc News and revealed all the things she learned from her biopic, “Unbreak My Heart”. Braxton revealed that in order to perfect the film she had to reflect on many things that she overcame in her life.

She states,

“When I looked at the part of my marriage, I saw that I was hurting so I lashed out at [Keri] and I didn’t think about the things I did to hurt someone else,” she explained. “I saw that and I went, ‘Oh my God.'”

Toni also opens up about how having lupus had an effect on her marriage,

“[My Lupus diagnosis] was the moment that kind of changed our relationship. I was afraid and scared and worried about my mortality. I think about my children, but it was really a tough moment for me and it was unfortunately the demise of my marriage.”

The singer than touches base on how the creation of this film and watching it led her to acknowledge her own strengths , she says that not only did she learn things about her self but she realized she was stronger than she thought,

“I’m pretty proud of myself. I can’t deny it.”

says Toni.

The lucky lady who plays Toni Braxton in the film is a young actress who goes by the name Lex Scott Davis. Toni tells abc that when it came to picking her, she didn’t want to be involved in the process. But she also states she completely agreed with the casting directors when they chose Davis and that it was an even better match because

“she fit all the costumes,”

When it comes to her career Toni states,

“I wouldn’t do anything over again,” she told ABC News of her career. “I really wouldn’t because of how I got to where I am today.”

Check out the gallery to see some photos from the film and don’t forget to tune in to Lifetime tonight to see the actual film itself!