After learning about the group of Phoenix students who spelled out the word, “Ni**er” on their shirts, a lot of people opened up and voiced their opinion on Racism as it still lives on in America. Many were not happy by this. Bun B and Scarface in particular voiced their opinion through social media.

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Bun B says that he knows America is better than this. He released a statement saying,

“America is sliding down a deep dark hole fast. We are better than this. I know we are.”

Scarface then added a comment under Bun B’s photo. His comment included the following,

“The world has been forcing a white supremacist agenda down our throats for hundreds of years. We are brainwashed into thinking White is right, Black is evil.”

These two clearly feel this matter is a topic that should be addressed which it is. People are a little too comfortable with pulling the race card.

Check out their full statements in the gallery.

Source: Complex