IFWT_Vanilla Ice
Remember last February when Vanilla Ice was arrested after he’d been caught stealing from a abandoned home. He was then charged with burglary of a foreclosed home and grand theft, but the judge ruled it could be dismissed under certain circumstances. Well its almost february again and months have passed, and Vanilla Ice can officially say , he’s off the hook!

Read more after the jump to find out what Ice did to clear his record.

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After being arrested for stealing from an abandoned Florida home and being told he could possibly be facing felony charges, it seemed like Vanilla Ice would definitely be going to jail but that all few out the window because the former rapper listened to the judge and stayed out of trouble for 9 whole months!

The judge ruled that the charges would be dismissed if the Vanilla Ice stayed out of trouble for some time along with completing community service and that’s exactly what he did.

Ice was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service for Habitat for Humanity, and pay $1,300 in restitution.

Now almost a year later its being reported that the charges against Vanilla Ice have been dismissed and the whole case has reportedly been wiped from his record.

Welp, good for you Ice! Now you can officially #Turnup again, but this time make sure you stay out of trouble!