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The Los Angeles Lakers lost their sixth straight game on Saturday, losing 121-103 to the Portland Trailblazers.  They currently hold the last spot in the Western Conference and are just above the Philadelphia 76ers for the worst team overall.  It is Kobe Bryant’s last season in the NBA and of course he isn’t happy about going out this way.  The Black Mamba was particularly upset with the younger players taking the loss so lightly and even smiling.

Bryant, who posted 10 points on 5-of-9 shooting and five turnovers in 25 minutes through three quarters, became upset both with the Lakers (9-37) for losing their sixth consecutive game and for some on the team smiling after the loss, sources said. Bryant took particular aim at Lakers rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell and second-year forward Julius Randle and even called them out by name, sources said.

“You know I don’t do the gossip [expletive],” Bryant said in a friendly exchange when asked about the incident.

None of Bryant’s teammmates, including Russell and Randle, were specifically asked about Bryant’s criticisms because Los Angeles News Group learned the revelations after media access to the locker room ended. But multiple sources confirmed that Bryant spoke for about two minutes after Lakers coach Byron Scott addressed the team.

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source: Inside SoCal