Rob Kardashian x Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian is truly enjoying trolling his family. As the love story between Rob and “enemy” to his sisters, Blac Chyna, continues to unfold, the estranged brother to the Kardashian empire has taken to his rarely-used Instagram with quite an interesting post.

Re-posting a meme and captioning it with the four-leaf clover that has now become associated with the pair because of Chyna’s caption in the original photo that revealed their relationship, Rob seemed to insinuate that he’s totally on board with Chyna having his baby. Imagine the insanity this would cause? And if Chyna had a baby by Rob, and Kylie had a baby by Tyga, that would make the kids cousins and siblings! What! This might be worse than if Christina Milian had a kid with Lil Wayne. (Or is it equal? I don’t know – trying to figure out all this lineage is giving me a headache.)

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Rob & Chyna trolling Hard!!! #IG #Snapchat #FullFrontalAssault

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