Well folks, it looks like Stella, I mean Renee, got her groove back finally!

Renee Graziano from VH1’s popular show Mob Wives found herself a new younger chocolate boy toy just in time for cuffin’ season. He goes by the name @YoungPlatinum on the ‘Gram, and he seems to be some sort of [semi] industry dude.

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

After stalking his page for a little, I found out a few things:

1) He raps (check out the SoundCloud link here)
2) He seems to be BFFs of some sort with Kat Stacks being that he has 93857948354 pictures with her
3) He posts a lot of popular industry chicks on his page in a sort of thirsty fashion (mostly bottle girls from NYC such as Jackey La Rubia and Panda Supreme)
4) For whatever reason, he deleted his BaeDay picture with Renee, making us question whether or not he is serious about dating her

Check out the deleted photo of the two in the gallery along with some other flicks of the handsome milk chocolate man.

Do we think he’s trying to find a come-up off Renee orrrrrrrrrr naw?