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Kanye West is dropping his highly-anticipated album sooner than later, but there seems to be a bunch of controversy and confusion in regards to the album title.

First, Kanye told us that his forthcoming project will be named SWISH. However, he then let us know it is being called Waves instead. Now as we all remember, Harlem’s own Max B was the originator of the entire “wavey” trend that blew up and is STILL relevant to this day, despite the fact he is serving basically a life sentence in prison.

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Wiz Khalifa, for whatever reason, decided to hop on Twitter and vent his life away in regards to Kanye’s new album title. He is extremely disturbed that Yeezy would try to bite Max’s style apparently and felt the need to get it off of his chest.

However, Kanye DID give Max props via Twitter after dropping the name, but it still isn’t good enough apparently.

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