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It looks like Kanye West has officially joined Blac Chyna in the competition of the most petty people of 2016.

After Kanye announced that he will be naming his forthcoming album Waves, Wiz Khalifa felt that he was being disrespectful. Wiz vented via his Twitter page and made it very clear that he wasn’t feeling the new album title. Much to our surprise, Kanye fired back and let’s just say sh*t got EXTREMELY real on our Twitter timelines.

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Amber Fires back, feels like she’s been holding on to this one, see everything in the gallery but here’s hers;

Welp ? #Amber Fires back

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??? #Damn #Muva #ThoseHashtagsTho

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Kanye didn’t just clap back at Wiz, but he got personal. We mean personal to the fact that baby Bash was brought up, Amber Rose, his tight pants and numerous other low blows. However, it didn’t stop Wiz from responding either. These two have been going back and forth all afternoon!

Check out the eskimo brother beef in the gallery. Who you got, Kanye or Wiz?