Rich Homie Quan

On his record “Numbers” Rich Homie Quan rapped, “I ain’t know we were related, but I hit my cousin, I ain’t trying to do no dating, so I skip the subject, shawty say she gon’ tell her big brother, I tell that lil bitch to go tell her big brother.”

These lyrics left many of us scratching our heads about what exactly he meant about the reference to having sex with his cousin. In a recent episode of Complex’s Get Sweaty with Emily Oberg, Rich Homie finally explained the meaning behind the lyrics.

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While doing all sorts of basketball drills, Rich Homie Quan explained to Emily Oberg, he found out the woman he was talking about in the song was his cousin at a family reunion. Yikes!

He said, “In Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn’t know the person was my cousin.” He further explained that he meant it adding, “Yes. Like a cousin’s, cousin’s, cousin.”

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