IFWT_Vince LeBron James

Vince Staples linked up with GQ and joked on the hair styles and fashion choices of some of the biggest players in the NBA.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • “Carmelo Anthony looks like he works on a tugboat with that stupid ass hat on.”
  • “Jeremy Lin is trash.  I like the Pokemon spikes though, it fits him a little bit.”
  • “Kevin Durant looks like a cool Muslim, like the coolest kid at the Mosque, dad running shit.”
  • “Paul Pierce got stabbed in the club man, let’s not make fun of Paul Pierce.”
  • “Shout out Russell Westbrook, we look alike, you can do what you want.  Live your life bro, triple-doubles.  But stop wearing Keith Haring shirts.”
  • “LeBron gotta just let that hair go.  Drop the top bro.”

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