Laughing my a** all the way off. Please, can someone get Kanye West his medicine; something to calm down the severe intensity in his life. Ha.

The Waves rapper took to Twitter today, and went hard in the paint on Wiz Khalifa. While most of the world have realized that it was a big misunderstanding, Kanye did not see it that way. In fact, he talked about owning Wiz and Amber Rose’s son, Sebastian. One would assume he feels that Amber wouldn’t have any stain had he not dealt with her at one point (who knows). But here is the funny part … and no, not the memes

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TMZ ran into Kanye at LAX airport. The video guy softened the conversation with questions of his upcoming album, and then went in for the kill. “Do you think you went a bit hard on Wiz this morning? Did you think it was a bit much bringing the kid into it?”

Why he ask that. Lol.

“I said what I had to say,” Kanye replies before getting that devilish look in his eyes, and giving a two-second wild’n out session.

If Kanye isn’t bipolar, no one is.