Super Bowl 50 will feature the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos.  It’s also about Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning, they’re two very different quarterbacks.  There is big age difference between the two but it’s more than that.  Some people want to say it’s not a race thing but it’s hard to deny; Newton himself said him being an incomparable African-American quarterback scares people.  Newton is a mobile QB who likes to dance and celebrate after touchdowns and wins.  While we like to think he’s just having fun, others say he’s classless.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher told USA Today that he’s not a fan of the way Newton celebrates all of the time and says he wishes he’d be more like Peyton Manning and respect the game more.

“I played defense so I don’t like when guys celebrate with dances and stuff. You know who I like the way he celebrates is Peyton. He kind of gives the guy a handshake and goes back to the sidelines. I think that’s a great celebration right there. You don’t see him dancing. You don’t see him doing all of that stuff. Even when he gets a first down he doesn’t do anything.”

Touchdown dances and celebrations were something people looked forward to until the NFL stepped in and limited when players can do.  Now it’s a problem?  I’m with Cam on this one… “Dab on dem folks”

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