Jim McMahon is still a legend in Chicago thanks in part to being the quarterback of the famous Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl championship team. That career however almost ruined his life because of pain and then being addicted to all types of pills. Ironically McMahon says marijuana has helped him kick using any other drugs.


Now 56, McMahon has been plagued by debilitating health problems following his 15-year career and multiple concussions in the National Football League. He has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and has severe headaches, depression, memory loss, and vision and speech problems. He also said he suffered a broken neck. That was until Marijuana changed his life.

McMahon got his medical marijuana card in Arizona, where he lives, after it was approved by a voter referendum in 2010. Before that, he said, he’d been taking 100 Percocet pills a month for pain in his shoulders, neck and arms.

“They were doing more harm than good,” he said. “This medical marijuana has been a godsend. It relieves me of the pain — or thinking about it, anyway.”

On a typical day, McMahon will smoke marijuana in the morning to help him get up, a little in the afternoon depending on how he feels, and before bed, saying he couldn’t sleep without it.

Chalk up another win for medical marijuana and the supporters of it.