For one Andre 3000 fan, dreams turned into reality real quick. Andre picked up a random girl in a Uber and took her along with him to the #WAVES studio session
. Just from the pictures of the session, we see that that night was definitely one to remember.

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When Andre landed in L.A. for the waves studio session, he meant to order a single Uber ride but wound up ordering a “Uber Pool.” ( never heard of that) Apparently a “Uber Pool” is where the driver picks up more than one person. Another passenger ended up inside of the car with Andre. After chatting for a while, Andre and the passenger hit it off. The two even noticed that they lived in the same place. Andre then decided to take the girl along with him to the session. Thats pretty dope! Upon arrival the girl was introduced to Kanye, French Montana, Diddy, Kid Cudi and 2 Chainz. Sources say she didn’t stay long but just to even have that experience is amazing.

Source: TMZ