Back in October Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley were involved in a dispute in a car that led to police being called. The couple admitted to fighting and Johnny admitted he had been drinking but no arrests were made. Today police were called again for a dispute involving the couple and the story is still developing.



Police in Ft. Worth have released more info about the altercation involving Manziel and his girlfriend. The story is starting to have a change of tone.

The FWPD says they recieved a call around 2 am this morning of a possible assault and made contact with a “23 year old female who stated she was involved in a disturbance with her ex-bf earlier in the evening in Dallas.”

Cops say when they made contact with Manziel’s ex, she was uncooperative. Then there’s this, cops say Manziel’s ex told them she was concerned about “the well-being of her ex-boyfriend.” So the FWPD launched a full scale effort to find Manziel — searching the area with the assistance of an “Air One Unit.”

Manziel was found safe but the fact they went to the extent to bring out the chopper, I have feeling this is not the end of details.


Ft. Worth police say they were called regarding a dispute and they spoke with Johnny and the girlfriend but once again no arrests were made.

From the sounds of things, reports are still coming in so there could be more info available later. Then again it could have been something very minor since police already left the residence.

We will update if anything becomes available.